Here is what clients are saying about coaching with Martin.



I thank you for being my guide during the Fearless Living coaching process.  Your clarity, insight and ability to explain and challenge has helped me use personal tools that have been lying dormant as well providing me with new tools in which to face my daily life Fearlessly, with compassion.   I strive to stay in the present
and continue to integrate  Fearless Living into all aspects of my daily activities.  As time progresses the tenants of Fearless Living are becoming more and more integrated into my conscience muscle memory.










Martin and the Fearless Living program gave me validation, support, and confidence to take tremendous action towards inner joy and fearless living!  I received great tools from this program.  I can now practice acknowledging myself, having gratitude for my life, and living on my Wheel of Freedom.  I feel energetic and happy!  I am free from the burden of fear and now know that when my fear shows up I am on the right track! 








You are a gift in my world Martin.  I appreciate you as a person and as a coach.  Your loving heart and gentle spirit are very welcoming.  I feel blessed that you are supporting me.  It is my hope that you and I have the opportunity to work on the Fearless Teen program together.

And thank you, Martin, for all of your compassion, your willingness to let me be myself and your words of encouragement and support.  I believe that certain people are sent into our lives for a reason.  I feel blessed and fortunate that "the universe" sent you as my coach.  Words could never begin to express my heartfelt gratitude!



   New York City

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note. This past month I experienced a taste of my dream job teaching English at a summer camp on the Mediterranean Sea. I loved every moment of it and fell in love with all of my students. But the most amazing part was when they all wrote me a personal letter at the end of camp, telling me how our time together had changed their perspective on themselves and how they no longer felt stupid or weird, but felt very clever and proud of their unique individuality. They're 13. I wouldn't have had any idea as to how to show these sweet kids how amazing they each are had it not been for all of our conversations about seeing everybody as innocent, going after what you want fearlessly and being willing to be yourself. I know that you coached me seven years ago, but it has been very central in all of my decisions and perspectives, and has ultimately helped me end up where I am now. But after this experience I realized that it's affected more than just me, but all the kids I teach, too! So thank you, truly. You have no idea how grateful I am.


   Madrid, Spain