What are you Grateful for during this holiday season?
Here are Gratitudes from a few of my friends and clients.  If you would like to add your Gratitudes, please send them to me.

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Gratitudes from Rosia:
1. I am grateful for my health, especially after working in the ER.
2. I am grateful for my family, including my new step family, my mom, dad, and twin sister.
3. I am grateful for my boyfriend Brent
4. I am grateful for the ability to pursue my dreams
5. I am grateful because I am one step closer to becoming a doctor since I am almost finished with my pre-med requirements and I am also studying for the MCATS.
6. I am grateful for having the ability and means to move across the country.
7. I am grateful for having the opportunity to live at the base of a mountain for the past five years in Boulder, Colorado.
8. I am grateful for having a twin sister.
9. I am grateful for having so many resources in my life so that I can have a plentiful, abundant, and supported life.
10. I am grateful for God.
Gratitudes from Pam:
I am grateful for the new leadership in our country; my prayers are with everyone involved.
I am grateful for our recognition of our problems, both nationally and personally, it gives us a compass to begin fixing them.
I am thankful for everyone and everything in my past--it has helped define who I am.
I am thankful for everyone in my life right now; they are witting on my heart.
I am thankful I have a house and family and friends to join me this Thanksgiving; yet, I know there are many hungry and homeless people in this world--that makes me humble.
I am thankful for differing opinions, they help me think and grow.
I am thankful for autumn...and knee deep leaves...autumn is a grand ol' dame, who dones her brightest gowns before laying down for winter's sleep.
I am thankful for the gentle voice of the universe that whispers and guides me.
I am grateful for every plant and every animal who helps sustain me--may I honor them and share.
I am grateful for the Fearless Living program--as it has helped me master some fears and make solid friends.
I am grateful, I have the ability to be grateful.
Gratitudes from PJ:
I am grateful this Thanksgiving that I feel love and that I am loved.
Gratitudes from Dina:
 I am grateful for-
-Fearless Living and how the tools have completely changed my life. All the people in the community and thier constant support and friendships. And for Jerilyn who has mentored me through this journey to the place I am today.
-My salon and the amazing, fearless women that work there with me. Thier constant support, encouragement and acceptance is appreciated beyond words. And all the beautiful women who come there for their services and FBG's ....what an amazing support group I have!!!
-My family and thier unconditional love and support in all that I do. 
-My patient, loving , kind, strong, honest, loyal, trustworthy husband who is behind me no matter where I go or what I choose to do.
-And most of all, God and the loving role he plays in my life and along my path.
Gratitudes from Cynthia:
* God.

* For President Abraham Lincoln's proclamation that our nation, "...set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens".

* For the incomprehensible courage and bravery of those first few to arrive on the eastern shores of what we now call the United States of America.

* For those who have served, and serve today, to protect the unprecedented freedoms we enjoy in this great nation.

* For my family who immigrated to the U.S. at the time of the Russian Revolution (from what soon became the U.S.S.R.).

* My resilient, hardworking, and loving family.

* My treasure trove of good friends.

* My constant companion and shadow, Olie.

* My personal heroes who have taught me a thousand valuable lessons about life, love, and my world.

* Living and loving fearlessly.

Gratitudes from Kris:
I am grateful for the wonderful friendships in my life.
I am grateful for all the love surrounds me each and every day.
I am grateful that I enjoy good health, both physically and mentally, that allows me to pursue my passions with ease.
I am grateful for the possibilities in each day.
I am grateful to Fearless Living workshops, that have allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people including my power partner/best friend Catherine; my life coach Annie, Rhonda and you Martin.
I am grateful I have the tools to empower myself and embrace my life.
Gratitudes from Eunice:
This Thanksgiving I am THANKFUL for expanded my definition of FAMILY!!!
Gratitudes from Catherine:

I am grateful that when i was having a weird and very uncomfortable dream last night (not unusual for me!! ha ha!) I was upset and stressed and turned a corner... ( in the dream still) and saw you! my friend martin!.. so i walked toward you and you just held out your arms and hugged me as i cried and let my kick ass exterior down..." when i woke up.. this was the first email i saw on my blackberry!!!"

so how is that???

Gratitudes from Poppy:
Today I am grateful that I have a happy healthy toddler!

I am grateful to have had a bountiful meal.

I am grateful for many little things - green grass, leaves on the trees, a few christmas lights put up on peoples houses early, being away from the city and driving around (warm and much easier than the bus or subway), having a nice clean house to spend the holidays in (and it's not my own so it's more relaxing), all the work my aunt put into this holiday, electricity to help us stay warm, cook our food & light our house (I've been thinking about how much we use in terms of how little you can use or how you might waste it) and a warm comforter to snuggle in at night.

Gratitudes from Cindy:

So..I am grateful for my almost completely 'free-of-numbness' legs, my

(mostly) lack of dizziness,

and my increase in energy, when months ago I thought it wasn't possible.

I am grateful for my job, which I still have, when so many of my co- workers have been 'off-shored'. (They call it 'best-shoring').

I am grateful for how my boss has been so accommodating to me the last few months, and appreciate the flexibility I have and the trust they have in me. Plus I like what I do!

And lastly, I am grateful for an ultra-sweet husband, where a few years ago I was convinced these type of relationships didn't exist.

Life is good.

Gratitudes from Barbel:

I am grateful for my eyes so I can see the bright smile of my lover. I am grateful for my ears that can hear the new music of Seal that make my heart sing and be filled with passion. I am grateful for the warmth of my lovers soft body next to me in the early morning hours. I am grateful for the quiet morning with the sun shining into my window as I journal and revel in the joy I feel deep inside myself. I am grateful for having a home in which I feel free to be me and delight in its colorful beauty that I created. I am grateful for cook books that allow me to try out new receipes. I am grateful for my car that takes me to my son's home for the official Thanksgiving celebration. I am grateful to see my son out of jail and happy. I am grateful for the opportunity of meeting new additions to the family at the celebration. I am grateful for holding the brand new baby and delight in his beautiful innocent face. I am grateful for the new puppy that makes my son and his girlfriend smile. I am grateful for time spend in love, laughter and connection. I am grateful for having developed my ability to see the good in all things. I am grateful to be alive.

Gratitudes from Kimberley:

Things that I'm grateful for:

a wonderful mother who taught me good eating habits so I didn't have to struggle with my weight

my friend Alicia who always does what she says she is going to do.

my friend Kurt who always encourages me in my life coaching path.

a great father who taught me good work ethics

Rhonda who developed the steps to fearless living so I can live life big

all my friends who attended my book group and made me feel part of a progressive community

my beautiful apartment

all the life coaches at fearless living that showed me that I am completely supported.

Gratitudes from Glynis: are a few gratitudes from me... I am grateful for..

the gift of my daughter who I adopted when she was 10 weeks old - the finest example of someone who insists on being herself.

  • the rosy glow of pride I feel when I see my son becoming a fine young man.
  • the support of my best friend, Gina, who believes in me.....and  has so many qualities I admire...warmth, kindness, generosity, compassion.....AND...who is willing to think lots of nasty thoughts for me when I am too nice!
  • my ex-husband giving me a lifestyle beyond my dreams, the opportunity to travel to so many places that ignite my senses, the means to create so many beautiful homes during our time together.
  • having found Fearless Living at a time of crisis and the opportunity it has given me to live in my the truth of who I am.
  • having met so many inspiring people through Fearless Living...including my mentor - Sheri, my powerful partner - Karen , Rhonda...and many, many more.
  • the support I've received this past year from my company logo designer, website designer and copywriter/editor...what an awesome team!
  • the opportunity through being a member of HKICC to write for the South China Morning Post.
  • the stunning views that I wake to every morning...the South China Sea...the rolling blessed am I.
  • having met you Martin...when I think of you I feel warm and fuzzy......and that's how I would describe you ...warm and have an open, loving heart...what a gift.